Best Cheap Geyser Prices in Bangladesh


Cheapest Geysers Are The Best Geysers (For Some Reasons)

When you are out hunting for geysers or water heaters in Bangladesh, you will likely run into several options that only seem to get pricier with every next one you look at.

We have carefully created a list of the lowest geyser prices in Bangladesh to help you find some of the more affordable options. However, something to remember is that being cheap does not mean the quality is compromised.

There are plenty of options available in the market when you're out to find geyser prices in Bangladesh. People often think getting a geyser will cost quite a lot, which is a misconception.


1. Fire Bird 45L Geyser

2. Fire Bird 67L Geyser

3. Panasonic Instant Water Heater - DH-3MP1MW

4. Panasonic Instant Water Heater - DH-3KE1M

5. Panasonic Instant Water Heater - DH-3MS1MW

6. Panasonic Instant Water Heater - DH-3RL1


These are our top 6 selections of some of the best electric water heaters or geysers you can use in Bangladesh. They are also some of the cheaper and budget-friendly options to go with. Just get the one that works best for you, and enjoy the winter in warmth!


Water Geysers: The Coolest Devices for Hottest Needs!

With winter being right around the corner, it will become essential to have an accessible hot water supply. When it comes to devices used for heating water, electric heaters are the best choice to go with. It's because they offer more safety, ease of use, and are also more convenient compared to devices such as an immersion rods. 

Electric water heaters are also more cost-efficient than gas water heaters, and even installing them is a lot cheaper. These water heaters are often referred to as geysers and can be quite a bit pricey in Bangladesh. That’s why we have presented the list of the cheapest geyser prices in Bangladesh.


How Do Geysers Work?

Before we get into our list of geyser prices in Bangladesh, we should understand how a geyser operates. 

Three components make up an electric water heater, storage tank, thermostat, and heating element. 

The most essential part of any water heater is easily the heating element. If the water is very soft or hard, it can cause damage to both the inner tank as well as the heating elements. It's also a reason why a heating element should be an essential consideration. You can effectively prevent scaling by using heating elements coated with a glass lining, thus making the appliance more durable. 

The obvious job of a storage tank is to store the hot water, which is why it is crucial to make sure that it is corrosion-resistant and robust. There are two storage tank options for you: Storage tanks coated with Vitreous Enamel glass and Stainless steel storage tanks. Vitreous Enamel glass is a better option since it is what the latest geysers tend to use.

They are essentially still the same stainless steel tank that has an advanced polymer coating on it to make it resistant to hard water scaling and also to make it corrosion-proof. There is also Glassline Coating available as another option, but it is pretty similar to Vitreous Enamel. 

The thermostat is also another essential component that you need to consider since it functions as the operating system for your water heater. It decides when your water needs to be heated. Water heaters use a bimetallic strip to transform the change of temperature into mechanical displacement. Copper and steel are the most common items used to make this bimetallic strip.

This strip has the thermostat attached to it, based on the response from this strip. The thermostat makes its decision. A good thermostat knows not to overheat the water because it can be dangerous. Even though it is not much, a thermostat can also help reduce power consumption. 

It all works together when the geyser is switched on and your water is at a temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius. The heating element will start to heat the water on the thermostat's command. When the temperature of the water reaches around 60 degrees Celsius, the thermostat makes the heating element stop heating the water any further.

If, for some reason, you forgot to switch your geyser off, and the water temperature falls to 20 degrees Celsius, the thermostat decides to heat your water again, and the heating element returns to work. This process keeps repeating itself on a loop until you finally switch the geyser off.


Why Should You Get a Geyser?

Many benefits come from owning a geyser, the most noticeable one being that you can access hot water without putting a lot of effort into it. 

It can be frustrating to get up in the morning and have to heat up water to take a shower, even more so if you are a busy person or someone taking care of a whole family. Adding more family members means more work and more time required to prepare hot water for everyone. 

Another great benefit you get from having your geyser is that it does not just give you hot water. If you require it, you can also make your geyser produce cold water for you for those sunny and hot days when the heat is just unbearable.

Moreover, this feature also helps you keep the temperature of your water balanced, not too cold and not too hot. What more could you want from a household appliance?



It can be a stressful process to find the geyser price in Bangladesh that works best for you. It can be pretty challenging to choose from all the different features and benefits you are offered.

This is why we hope that our list of geysers was able to provide you with some help in choosing the geyser that works the best for your needs!


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