Top Bluetooth Headphones in Bangladesh


Top Bluetooth Headphone Prices in Bangladesh: Connect and Feel

Buying the right Bluetooth headphone for you can be a confusing experience with so many options available on the market, especially if you don't know how much they cost.

Good Bluetooth headphones cost a bit more than regular headphones. But that doesn't mean you need to burn a hole in your pocket just to get a headphone. There are plenty of options available in an affordable price range.

If you're worried about the best brand to go for, then don't fear because we have compiled a list of the most affordable Bluetooth headphones in Bangladesh. These are the best options at a great price and with nothing lacking quality.

1. Haylou GT5 TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

2. Lenovo Neckband QE03

3. Lenovo Neckband QE07

4. Haylou T33 (Moripods) TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

5. Imilab imiki T11 TWS Bluetooth Earphone -Gunmetal

6. Realme Buds Air 3 ANC Dual Device Connection TWS Earphone - Dark Blue

7. QCY T13 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone

8. Yison Bluetooth Earphone A20 - Red

9. M11D TWS Earbuds

10. M21 BT Headphone

These ten are some of the best and most affordable Bluetooth headphones in Bangladesh. Each Bluetooth headphone is the perfect companion to take about on your day.


Bluetooth Earphones: Connect to The Rhythm!

For listening to music or if you want something to provide background noise while you work, headphones come in handy at times like these. These small pieces of technology are easy to conceal and carry, especially in your pockets. Headphones don't take up much space; you can take them wherever you go, answering calls more privately.

Bluetooth headphones are the best option for you, especially when you consider that there's no wire connection. Is it a bright sunny morning outside? Then why not put on your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones and go out for a run? Look at this list of the best Bluetooth headphones to find one you like. 


How Do Bluetooth Earphones Work And What Functions Do They Serve?

Before looking at a few of the best Bluetooth headphones, you should learn more about the technology you will be buying. 

Bluetooth headphones work by wirelessly connecting to the paired device through transmitted signals. These signals include frequencies such as radio signals or infrared signals. Bluetooth headphones being wireless, have signal receivers built into them that catch and play the audio recording through the transmitting signals. It's also known as the carrier wave.

It's the job of the transmitters to encode the audio into a wireless format and to spread the signal through waves in the air. The modulating signal is the signal that is being transmitted to the receiver's end.

The transmitter and the reviver are the main parts that keep Bluetooth headphones working. Most Bluetooth devices or phones will have a built-in Bluetooth transmitter that sends the signal to the connected headphones. For Bluetooth devices that are being marketed as wireless, this is an especially fact.

Transmitters can send digital or analog audio through wireless signals, but there is a limit to the area it covers. Most Bluetooth transmitters have a specific range where both paired devices must be kept together. It's to make the connection stable enough to transmit signals. Both devices also need to be on a similar frequency to be able to connect and transmit radio waves. 

The next part we will discuss is the receivers that catch the radio or infrared signals from a paired device. Receivers are found on the paired headphones as they need to catch the audio transmitted wirelessly to relay the sound through the built-in speakers. It does this by decoding the transmitter's encoded audio file.

Just as we already said, the frequency of both devices needs to be similar, or they might not have a successful pairing. Regarding receiver varieties, there are two types, analog receivers which are useful for deciding FM signals, and digital receivers, which decode PSK signals. Most Bluetooth headphones operate on a radio frequency between 2.400 and 2.4835 GHz through PSK receivers.

You may now be asking yourself, "how Bluetooth transmits the audio to the headphones? ". The critical thing to know to figure out if you have a compatible Bluetooth connection between your phone and your headphones is to check the Bluetooth version. When both devices have Bluetooth technology, a connection is possible, and this connection is known as the Piconet.

Data transfer is only one way, as the device relays the Audi data to the headphones. A Bluetooth connection can include 79 different frequencies within the 2.400 to 2.485 GHz to make transferring audio files possible.

The risk of other Bluetooth devices being connected is low as the connected frequency can shift up to 1600 times per second. 



Why Should You Get Bluetooth Headphones?

The most obvious reason for choosing a Bluetooth headphone is already in the name. Bluetooth headphones come wire-free, meaning no more untying tangled wires to get frustrated and make the tangles tighter. 

Whereas you need to physically connect your headphones through a jack on a normal headphone, Bluetooth headphones do it faster by connecting to paired devices. Bluetooth pairing is faster on a device that has been previously secured. All you need to do is to turn on Bluetooth, and there you go! You can now listen to the hottest music without a wire running across your body. 

Users can walk around freely with their phone in one location while Bluetooth headphones are on. There is still a limited range to worry about, although that's not a problem for newer headphones that come out with a longer range every year. You can still control everything within this range through your phone, like changing the song or lowering the audio without touching the headphones. 


You need to be picky and smart with technology, but with our list, you can easily find the best Bluetooth headphones in Bangladesh. They have long-running batteries for less frequent charges and are ready for any daily activities.


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